I travel frequently and extensively. I called each of the cities in City Illusion ‘home’ for more than a month. I became well acquainted with the concrete and human presences of these cities. I experienced the material personalities of these cities and the liminal, dream-like shadows behind the cities. The impressions these cities left on me were, at the same time, strong and ephemeral. Just when I would think I had grasped the who or what of a city, I would see it in a different light, both literally and figuratively, and that new perspective made it readily apparent that whoever or whatever I thought the city was, was merely an illusion.

It is my hope that City Illusion gives the viewer an experience similar to my own: just as soon as you think you’ve grasped an impression, you see something else which changes your perspective and loosens your grip on one impression, giving way to another and another and another, until you feel the weight of impressions, none of which are truly substantial yet all of which are real in their own right and their own way.

 City Illusion Amsterdam, Netherland 2016
 City Illusion Tokyo, Japan 2016
 Barcelona_2012 Barcelona, Spain 2012
 City Illusion Cambridge, United Kingdom 2011
 City Illusion Venice, Italy 2012
 Taipei_2014 Taipei, Taiwan 2014
 City Illusion Singapore, Singapore 2008
 Shanghai Shanghai, China 2011
 Savannah_2014 Savannah Georgia, United States 2014
 City Illusion Beijing, China 2015
 City Illusion Paris, France 2011
 NewYork_2013 New York City, United States 2014
 Melbroune_2011 Melbourne, Australia 2009
 Madrid_2012 Madrid, Sapin 2012
 City Illusion London, United Kingdom 2011
 Lijing_2010 Lijiang, Shangri-la China 2010
 City Illusion Munuch, Germany 2011
 City Illusion Chicago, United States 2013
 City Illusion Bath, United Kingdom 2011
 City Illusion Hangzhou, China 2010
 City Illusion Hong Kong, Hong Kong 2010

2016 Solo Exhibition <Zero>, Taipei Taiwan
2015 Collaborate Collection – City Illusion Private Collector, Taiwan
2014 Collaborate Collection – City Illusion Savannah College of Art and Design, United States
2014 International Photography Awards IPA – Honorable Mention in Special Digitally Enhance
2014 ND Awards Neutral Density Photography Awards – Honorable Mention in Fine Art Abstract
2014 LensCulture Emerging Talent – Editor’s Selection
2014 City Illusion” – Selected Solo Show, SCAD Annex Gallery, Memorial Hospital, Savannah, GA
2014 Silver and Ink Juried Exhibition – “Venice“, Savannah GA


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